Friday, August 9, 2013

Klezmer Fest

Klezmer Fest in Tzfat was pretty fun. It was a very cool experience. Tzfat is just amazing. Ari Lesser had multiple performances with other members from the yeshiva. Here are a few pictures.

Tzfat has a way of bringing Jews from all backgrounds together. The inherent holiness of this place crosses all boundaries and allows us to all rejoice under the same religion and G-D. I highly suggest that anyone who has the opportunity to visit here should!

It is great for me to see people express themselves in a creative way. I too like to be creative although I have struggles for a long time as to how to actually do it. When I was younger it was much easier for me. I hope that Hashem will bring me clarity on this subject. I feel handicapped most times in this sense, as if there is something that wants to come out but is not able to. Just another step in this journey...